Home Remedies for Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Anyone who has tried to quit drinking alcohol realizes that the withdrawals can be excruciatingly bad, People who have been drinking for so long that their body is dependent on the consumption of alcohol to function properly. What a lot of them don’t realize is how dangerous these can be if not treated properly with just some simple steps.

It doesn’t take long for the withdrawal effects to set in, it can start in as little as two hours after the alcohol is out of the body and can go on for days or even week, It can be anything from mild anxiety to seizures and delirium tremens (DTs). If symptoms become worsen it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible, However if the symptoms are more mild you may want to try detoxification with the help of your family and friends.

The whole point of treating these withdrawal symptoms is to prevent complications from happening, depending on the severity of the withdrawals you might be prescribed some medication to help with anxiety and the shakes such as

Benzodiazepines – Anti Depressants

Carbamazepine or Divalproex Sodium – Anti Seizure

And Beta blockers such as Atenolol

If you would rather not take medications to help with the symptoms (since some of these medications can have side effects) many people have often chosen a home remedy approach.

Acorns can diminish the cravings for alcohol and reduce some of the damage caused by drinking.

Angelica reduces the dependency on alcohol and even creates a dislike for alcohol; kind of like what the drug antibuse does but this is a natural alternative.

Cayenne helps to control the cravings and also helps relieve morning vomiting, irritability, anxiety and tremors.

Milk Thistle can reduce the liver damage caused by alcohol.

Oats yes oats, Oats can improve focus & clarity and are a great way to help recover from any type of addiction.

While treating the withdrawal symptoms is important, it doesn’t handle the actual underlying problems that cause alcohol abuse. These tools should be used hand in hand with a treatment from alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency. If any of the withdrawal symptoms become to severe please seek medical attention and they can give you their best recommendation for what should be done.

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