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Our affordable Online Treatment Program has proven to be the most fast acting and effective online treatment program of its kind. Using educational/instructional video, webinars, podcasts, workbook assignments, informational articles, motivational emails, telephone coaching and much more, our program walks you step-by-step through substance abuse recovery. You are supplied with all the resources and materials you need to find sobriety online and in the privacy of your own home. Our program data base is easy to use and 100% confidential.

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Sign up today and receive our 90-day online substance abuse treatment program, including all bonus features, for a price anyone can afford!

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Bonus Features:

The Family Recovery Program

You will also receive our family recovery program, this programs main focus is to fix any mental or emotional damage caused by a loved ones substance abuse. Now the entire family can heal and recover to bring peace, love and happiness back into your home.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Our 24-hour crisis hotline is made available upon signing up for our program. For the duration of your program, you may call our hotline for support or during times of crisis.

20-Minute Coaching Call

For a limited time we are offering a free 20-minute coaching call with our trained professional life coaches. Our telephone coaching has proven to shorten recovery time and increase the programs effectiveness.


Program Content Includes the Following:

30+ Hours of Recovery Video

Online recovery video educates and instructs on how to stop substance abuse. Each video lesson includes great tips on how…

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100+ Motivational Emails

Each inspirational email helps supply hope along the way. Everyday for the duration of your recovery, Power To Quit will…

read more

28+ Workbook Assignments

Our question-answer workbooks help you reflect and recognize triggers and emotions related to your substance abuse. They also…

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28 Recovery Podcasts

Listen to all our recovery material in our podcasts. Our inspirational and educational podcasts lessons allow you to…

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100+ Alcohol Recovery Articles

Our educational articles provide you with the information needed to understand and correct a substance addiction. You will also…

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28 Recovery Webinars

Each section is supplied with a web conference, that will also work to guide in the direction to recovery. Featuring TED and other…

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L. P.

“This was an eye opener for me to acknowledge how my drinking has impacted my family, myself, and my finances.”

L. S.

“Having the binding abstinence contract between myself and I, as God as my witness, and the good-bye to alcohol letter assignments from PowerToQuit, will be extremely empowering to help me honor the impeccability of my word.”

A. S.

“Loved your questions at the end of the work sheets! Great to refer back to them after being sober, so people can be reminded how awful alcohol can be in your life.”

P. G.

“This particular lesson is something I desperately need to use at work TODAY.“


“I am so impressed with the online program that I am going to make a donation. The information presented here is absolutely amazing and inspiring. Thank you so very much!”


“Chapter 2 had more punch for me. But I really like the inspirational video’s, they seem to come up in my thoughts throughout the day.  Thank you so much for making this program available!”


“Some people benefit from a 12-step program, some don’t. A doctor recently told me that if I didn’t like a twelve-step program then I should find something I liked. Then I found power to quit. I really like it! There is nothing like to my knowledge in the greater Chicago land area. I enjoyed Julian Treasures presentation on sound. The sections on how alcohol affects nutrition and why meditation is important are both very helpful.”


“Overall course is pretty impressive. I know I’ve only seen the intro section, but so far so good. I hope future sessions give me more tools to cope with cravings. Would be nice to hear some real life testimonials from other people and the struggles they went through and how this course helped with those struggles. Looking forward to the rest of the course.”


“Thank you for your mail, which I found very encouraging. I have tied to quit before barely lasting a week. I used to have an immense determination and although low on motivation, I was able to attain most of my goals. However, over the last 6 years my life has become something of a trial for me. My worry mainly is that I am married to an alcoholic (although he does not believe he is one). Even If I eventually do quit what are the chances of not slipping back. He causes me immense levels of stress and anxiety and dispels continuous negative energy…(divorce is not an option at the moment…I will explain eventually), and because he drinks so heavily it’s always in my face. I am weak and lonely. I have no self-confidence. I am obese and extremely low on motivation and energy. Alcohol is my only escape at the moment. Hence my worry, I want to quit. I have gone through all the materials provided in chapter one. The written assignment however, still needs to be done. As I mentioned, I am hopeful but unsure of myself. Thank you for the caring that comes so clearly out of your mail.”


“I’ve got to say this is a great program. I am so glad that this is on the internet and it’s free. I’ve really appreciated all of the chapters I’ve viewed, and have gotten something out of all of them. You are doing a great service for alcoholics. I’ve been busy and always find time every day to do something for myself, and my sobriety. Thanks again for your great endeavor and I will pass this along to my friends. This will work for everyone not just addicts.”


“So far I am really enjoying my experience with your “Power to Quit” program. I find myself wanting to dig very deep to get to the core of myself, and what lies behind the alcoholism. I look forward to working on the work sheet. This is truly a blessing and thank you for making it easy to join.”


“I love it all! It is the first time in years that I have hope. I feel great! Thank you and may God bless you!”


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